Only when its on (2018)

Let us gather in a room inside of a room, let us look and listen to a thing which appears and appears, becoming a dreamdance, a dreamsong, a dreamspeech. To the point it doesn’t matter anymore wether it’s movement, light or sound or which mixture of them. Let us gather to follow, disappearing on an island, life is a billion heartbeats. ONLY WHEN IT’S ON is a site where 2 performers inquire into the act of intertwining music, movement and light and learning how to disappear and appear in different ways.


Concept, choreography, performance: Tian Rotteveel
Performance & choreography: Israel Sunday Akpan
Artistic collaboration: Claire Vivianne Sobottke
Lights: Sandra Blatterer
Dramaturgy: Igor Dobricic
Mentoring: Anne Kersting
Production: K3 Center for Choreography
With kind support of: Künstlerhaus Mousonturm