Give a hand / Kwaso (2016)

GIVE A HAND: Navigate the mind in its character; it’s a piece about selfness towards one another… deep in thought, provocative in it way, intentionally influencing the realization towards one another. Confronting the human race and exploring the act of giving or sharing information and knowledge There are always these souls on earth Good souls, bad souls, rich souls, poor souls Which do u posse? Mind you every soul needs some help In times of struggle Insecurity ooze Forgotten tears evading reality, Spirit needs to be lifted up A smile, an act will do more… The past recoil into the present Reincarnating into the future Striving broken heart resuscitate from it shade of mess Rediscovering the resilient of itself A smile, an act will do more… Paradox of confusion Beyond the fear of horizon Change feels bizarre now No ecstasy even in the air A smile, an act will do more Give a hand that is all it takes


Concept, Choreography: Israel Akpan Sunday (S.I.A. Projects)
Music: Styn Iyke, Pelumi Baba


24.06.2016: Federal Government Printing Press, Lagos Island