exhibIT (2021)

As part of Lübeck’s Ethnological Museum exhibition “Nordwärts Südwärts”

How can dance connect with an audience in times of physical distancing and social isolation? How can emotional closeness be created in the context of a physically restricted museum visit? When touch is strictly forbidden, how can we trigger a somatic experience based on engagement with historical artefacts? In a time of Black Lives Matter and racist activism, what is our attitude towards an archive of African, Asian, American and Oceanic artefacts housed in Lübeck?

exhibIT is a multidisciplinary participatory project at the intersection of contemporary dance theater, music and exhibition. exhibIT engages with artefacts from the Lübeck Ethnological Collection and explores their contemporary and historical relevance in contrast to contemporary Lübeck. In a performative dialogue with these artefacts, Jessica Nupen and two performers explore the multi-layered and contradictory history of these precious objects. The exhibIT performances took place as part of the exhibition programme of the Ethnological Museum in September 2020.


Concept, Artistic Direction & Choreography: Jessica Nupen
Curatorial Collaboration: Prof. Dr. Lars Frühsorge
Choreography & Performance: Irina Demin & Sunday Israel Akpan
Voice: Caroline Nkwe
Sound Design: Konstantin Bessonov
Photography: Tanja Hall
Production Management: Fanny Roy
Technical: Lars Rubarth