We celebrate the self confusion of identities. AFROCONFUSIONIST is an open exploration of the term Afro – its roots and its manifold overlays with contradictory attributions in today’s world. Afro: a condition, a feeling, an origin, a musical style, a political statement, a designation that raises questions. 

Together with a team of four dancers and two musicians, Nigerian choreographer Israel Akpan Sunday invites us to a poetic jam session that lets dance and music collide and tries to create as much confusion as possible with the mishmash of political and cultural-historical references, styles and feelings. 

The Confusionist is an equilibrium of indecision in which one thing can be another. He is the never-still confrontation in gentle aggression, divisive love, and vague unambiguity with no prospect of redemption – the perfect state to finally meet again with fragile confidence in glorious demarcation. 


Artistic direction, Concept, Choreography: Israel Akpan Sunday
Dance: Tirza Ben Zvi; Nana Anine Jorgenson; Shah-Mo Ferkouzad Darouiche Music: Paul Timmich and Isioma Williams
Dramaturge: Matthias Quabbe
Video artist: Larissa Potapov
Production head: Vivienne Lütteken for FAMILY PRODUCTION
Assistent: Akshata Ramesh
Distribution & Marketing: Nadine Freisleben for Apricot Productions
Logistic: Kelvin Isaac Jeremiah
Costume: Yupanqui Ramos
Costume Assistant: Noa Noelani Agullo
Stage design: Markus Lohmann 


Funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung. Supported by Hamburger Sprechwerk, Wartenau 16, StrandPauli OHG and the Support fund of WIESE eG. Produced by FAMILY PRODUCTION and S.I.A. Projects with the support of Apricot Productions.